Etsy Shop Opened... I know most of you want PDF download, but...

I opened Etsy Shop a few days ago.


Currently I only listed LEGO Ironman Papercraft Kit in my shop.  But later I will list all my Papercraft Kits in Etsy Shop.  It is not a PDF download.  Real paper and magnet delivery for LEGO papercraft.

  • By the way, if you have a plan to open a shop in Etsy, please follow the link here.
  • Then both you and I will earn 40 free listing coupon.  Normally Etsy charges $0.2 to list an item on the shop.
  • http://etsy.me/1PiwUZo

I know that most of you want a PDF download.
Actually Papercraft is my hobby, but I don't want to see my templates used wrong.

Even somebody abuse me when I stop providing a temporary free download.
I know it is very few case and I really know that most of my friends are very kind and well-mannered.   Always I appreciate it.

Anyway I decide that whenever I make a new character, I will upload the list in my Etsy shop and you will be able to buy the template in a limited days. (with a previous related characters)
And this will be noticed in my facebook page only. (Paperlego.blogspot)
If you like a papercraft and my works, plz follow my facebook page or Etsy shop.