Making Hulkbuster Papercraft for LEGO Paper Model - Leg Part #4

Finally Foot part of Hulkbuster Papercraft was finished.

Next work is body, head and arm.....

For more image...


Making Hulkbuster Papercraft for LEGO Paper Model - Leg Part #3

The last video is new one.
I rearrange the video for the blog posting.

Now Foot - the next part will be started~~~~~

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Etsy Shop Opened... I know most of you want PDF download, but...

I opened Etsy Shop a few days ago.


Currently I only listed LEGO Ironman Papercraft Kit in my shop.  But later I will list all my Papercraft Kits in Etsy Shop.  It is not a PDF download.  Real paper and magnet delivery for LEGO papercraft.

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I know that most of you want a PDF download.
Actually Papercraft is my hobby, but I don't want to see my templates used wrong.

Even somebody abuse me when I stop providing a temporary free download.
I know it is very few case and I really know that most of my friends are very kind and well-mannered.   Always I appreciate it.

Anyway I decide that whenever I make a new character, I will upload the list in my Etsy shop and you will be able to buy the template in a limited days. (with a previous related characters)
And this will be noticed in my facebook page only. (Paperlego.blogspot)
If you like a papercraft and my works, plz follow my facebook page or Etsy shop.


Making Hulkbuster Papercraft for LEGO Paper Model - Leg Part #2

In this time, I introduce videos to make a calf part of Hulkbuster Paper Model.
We need more time to make this comparing with LEGO Hulk Papercraft.

I haven't translated them yet.  I will do it soon.

And refer the photos here... How about it?


Making Hulkbuster Papercraft for LEGO Paper Model - Leg Part #1

Second making post for hulkbuster papercraft.
The template is now making.  Please check the facebook for the limited sales later.


Making Hulkbuster Papercraft for LEGO Paper Toy - Weist Part

Hulkbuster Paper Toy Making is started..
This will be displayed with LEGO Hulk Paper Toy.

These youtube videos will be a making manual.


Hulkbuster papercraft body testing...

Hulkbuster papercraft for LEGO Paper Model is now on body testing...
Most critical parts testing finished.

Full making blueprint is following...


Hulkbuster Papercraft Leg Testing and Spoiler for LEGO Papercraft

This is rendering image of Hulkbuster Papercraft.
LEGO Hulk papercraft model is hiding some part :)

Leg part of Hulkbuster papercraft is tested.


Hulkbuster Papercraft Arm Part Testing

Hulkbuster that will be displayed with LEGO Hulk Papercraft is making.
I am considering to share the template file as a limited edition for Facebook page subscriber later.

If you want... Keep looking it plz... :)


LEGO Black Widow Paper Model

LEGO Black Widow Papercraft Model Completed....
Here I introduce making videos of LEGO Black Widow Paper Model.

Unfortunately I don't share the template file for foreigner due to my personal reason.
So I don't translate this time.
But soon future I will find a way to give a chance for foreigner to make a LEGO paper model.