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Free Download - Lego Spiderman Paper Craft (Expired)

Free Download - Lego Spiderman Papercraft

Free version of lego spiderman papercraft was expired.

You can download the final version PDF file of lego spiderman paper craft.  Please check the following link.


Lego Ninjago Cole (2013) Papercraft

Lego Ninjago Cole Papercraft

Cole is the another Ninjago papercraft that I created.  Cole has a extraordinary weapon. This series was broadcasted in 2013.

You can see more photos in the following link.


Lego Spiderman Paper craft

Lego Spiderman Papercraft

The next share of lego papercraft will be 'Lego Spiderman'.  Please click the 'Join this site' button to recognize as soon as I upload the free papercraft.  If you are mobile user, click the 'view web version' to see that button.

And getting interested in the ad. will cheer me to share more free papercrafts quickly. :-)


Lego Batman Papercraft - Classic Version

Lego Batman Papercraft - Classic

Lego Batman Papercraft was made of a metal paper, magnet and iron paper.  This model version is classic batman.


Lego Ninjago KAI (2013) papercraft

Lego Ninjago Papercraft - KAI

This is Lego Ninjago (2013) Kai papercraft model.  The height is 8 cm and hang the sword on the back side.

The other characters - Zane, Cole, Jay - will be introduced later.


Free Download - Lego Batman Paper Craft (ver.Simple) (Expired)

Lego Batman Paper Craft Model
Modeler : Won-ki-ok

My Lego Batman paper craft was designed last year.
Here I share the PDF file to make the small and high quality paper craft of Lego Batman (simple version).

I close this free download link.


Lego Iron-man paper craft

Lego Ironman Paper Craft Model

I made lego iron-man paper craft a few months ago.

The start mapping of Lego Hulk paper craft

Lego Hulk Paper Craft Model

Lego Hulk is now being designed in 2D paper model.

After 3D modeling, I started to work coloring the surface.

Beginning of Int'l Blog for Lego Mini-figure paper craft

I am Yobee, Korean designer of the paper craft for fun

I have made and operated blogs in Korean website.
Now I will try to operate this International Blog to communicate worldwide.

Good to see you~