Download Line-up of Lego Paper Craft (Expired)

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I will put all my download page in this post.
Here is the line-up of all my papercraft model that you can download.

All my free download has been expired and no more for a while.
This post can be updated any time.

2014. 1. 22 : Lego Thor Updated (PDF and AI)

[ Line-Up ]

Super Hero Series : Thor, Hulk, Iron-Man, Iron Patriot, Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman2, Batman(Dark Knight)

* AI file only available for Thor, Hulk and Iron-Man now
* Ninjago Series are preparing

Sample of PDF file

Sample of AI file

[ Note ]
You can use and adjust this file for your private craft, but please do not share it with other person or do not upload this file on the other website.  If I find any sharing, I will stop my sharing including all future models.

[ How to Use ]

1) To make paper model, first you need...
       Printer (color), 120g paper (color), 200g paper, (Art) Knife, Glue
    If you want to make motion changable model, you need...
       Small Magnet, Iron paper
    If you can use a cutting device, you can easily use AI file instead of PDF

2) Send your contribution by paypal (Refer the guide at the end of this post)

3) Within 1 days, you will receive email with a download link.  Click the link and Log-in with your Google account within 30 days. (You need a Google account)

4) Download the file popped up and open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Illustrator.

5) Print the template in your paper and cut the parts.

6) Refer the making guide and Make the model with glue.

[ Refer the model completed and making guide ]
Lego Thor Papercraft
Lego Hulk Papercraft
Lego Ironman Papercraft
Lego Iron Patriot Papercraft
Lego Captain America Papercraft
Lego Spiderman Papercraft
Lego Batman2 Papercraft
Lego Batman Dark Knight Papercraft